Hey there! đź‘‹

I’m Kuba (short for Jacob), a Software Engineer with experience working in high scale distributed systems environments.

I’ve got a practical mindset of shipping, and building projects in as simple a way - but not simpler - as possible.

I’ve got experience with most of the widely used programming paradigms, and fancy trying out new ones, though so far I’m mostly finding myself using Go professionaly.

On the side I develop OctoSQL, a SQL execution engine as CLI which lets you query multiple datasources and files simultaneously using SQL.

At some point I’ve also created jql, which is meant to be a simpler and more uniform (lispy) alternative to jq. It may seem dead on first glance, but it’s simply finished. I’m using it daily.

How I Used DALL·E 2 to Generate The Logo for OctoSQL

Everybody has heard about the latest cool thing™, which is DALL·E 2 (henceforth called Dall-e). A few months ago, when the first previews started, it was basically everywhere. Now, a few weeks ago, the floodgates have been opened and lots of people on the waitlist got access - that group included me. I’ve spent a day playing around with it, learned some basics (like the fact that adding “artstation” to the end of your phrase automatically makes the output much better…), and generated a bunch of (even a few nice-looking) images....

August 2, 2022 Â· 10 min Â· Jacob Martin